Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Crushies

Hey guys sorry I haven't blogged for soooo long you know the whole life thing.......

Most of you must be aware that valentines day is coming up soon which for a lot of us is spent in many different ways. I like to treat valentines day as a normal day because it doesn't have any real meaning to me. But I'd love to hear how you spend your valentines day so comment below!!!

So enough of my useless rambles and lets get into this post.....

In my many many many years of living I have accumulated a collection of crushes some I cannot say I'm proud of, but I wanted too share my crushing story with you guys.

The first two crushes (savaaaaaaaaaaage) were called Jake and leon when I was in year 2.Jake was your stereotypical blonde haired and blue eyed guy. And leon was your gorgeous brown haired brown eyed kinda lad and all the other girls had crushes on them and would chase them around the playground including me. I remember one time I had pinned jake to the wall and kissed him on the cheek.Then he told off me.(cringe)

A few months later we moved an I went to a new school and had quick crush in this guy called zack only for like 2 seconds only because he already had a girlfriend so I ditched that dream quite quickly. Then I had a massive crush on this boy called Cameron because he was really funny and cute. I think also I wrote diary entries all about him and day dreamed what our future together would be like! I think that I  I wrote a letter saying I had a crush on him but never sent it. Then he told me after he dated some girl and they broke up he wasn't looking for a another girl,(rejection). So I screwed that crush and we stayed friends but he never knew I had a crush on him. Then I had a crush on a boy called- he's name is too distinctive we will call him dan. Dan was probably the cutest guy I had come across at the time he had dimples and glittery eyes so I was head over heels for him. Well until he got a bae.I got over it quickly though. These are crushes I had during ages 7 to 11.Baring in mind I was far to scared of being rejected to ask any of them out (which I'm glad about cause most childhood relationships didn't last too long anyways) my experience with the opposite sex so far has told me that  didn't actually need a boyfriend/boys in my life at that moment in time.

But I did/do have some celeb crushes like; baby Bieber, one direction, Austin from Austin and ally, cute boybands and Disney stars, Joe sugg, channing tatum,chris Hemsworth. (Hot over my age guys in all honesty)

My crush story isn't the juiciest but it has taught a lot about boys and crushes.
1.They can be confusing and not at all prince like Disney had many of us believing
2.They find us confusing as well
3.They are young and stupid like any other teenagers
4.Their unpredictable and very blunt/ love to have a joke.
5.They can be great friends too.

 I Hope that if your a guy or a girl reading that you can relate to what I'm talking about. Just remember where only humannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

grace outtttttttttt