Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Trying to eat healthy

Hi guys wassup !

Just realised I had a handful of chores...... oh well this is better than unloading the dish washer!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the dentist and boy did I get told off! He said he could tell that I have been eating a whole load of sweets and that I need to be careful with what I'm eating.

I was like yikes dame, then I realised that I need to start eating healthy fruit and veggies not crisp and sweets.

Its come to my attention that eating healthy stops people from having loads of tummy troubles believe or not. So that's why I wanna to start eating healthy I really wanna better life style for myself and eating healthy saves a lot of my pocket money because I wont be spending it on sweets.

A lot of people that go successfully go healthy become really happy with themselves and that's what I want.I may not have a personal trainer but I know that I've got enough determination to do it. IF you have any tips on what to do when you want to start being healthy pls share in the comments that would be great!

I also want to share some tips on being healthy

1.Write down what you eat sometimes you can see the changes you need to make when your changing your eating style.

2.dont just get rid of all the food you enjoy instead of saying I'm never gonna eat chocolate again just say to yourself I'm going to have a square a day stop eating eat will just make you crave.

Quoted by Tanya burr don't skip sleep this makes you crave sugary and savoury food's which is not good for a healthy diet.

I hope this helped some of you who are trying to start being healthy also try the internet I say that in every post but there are millions of different tips there that are just waiting to be helpful

Wish me luck

grace out zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Autumn Days ....

Hi guys!

I wanted to talk about seasons today because i thought it would really nice to share with you what I feelt about all the season, and 1 in particular(hint its in the title)😜

Spring, I love a good floral dress and flower crown just as much as the next girl but, I could kill for a berry lip and some autumn nails.Don't get me wrong spring is still an amazing season.

Summer Okay I cannot lie summer is by far one of the best season I mean high waisted shorts,floppy hats and sunglasses plus unlimited amount ice cream.Not to mention no school of a numerous weeks. I can definitely say that summer is one of my all time faves. But can we just be thankful for the piles of multi-coloured leaves to jump in and cosy blankets?

Winter mostly cold but its good where it counts like Christmas who doesn't love Christmas hot coco by the fire place and a great be twinkling xmas tree while your in the cutest jumper and slippers all cosy (we've all had that dream).There just something so special about biting into a candy apple and having a autumn photoshoot in the woods.

I know what your probably thinking this never happens to me well girlfriend I hear you loud and clear cause 90percent of the stuff I just said never happens to me but I still like to dream because it makes me happy to dream (I'm odd).

Sometimes just dreaming can make all that bad stuff disappear and anything can happen.

I have a so many things I want to do this fall and this year I'm finally gonna make them happen(fingers crossed) Comment down below what you wanna do this fall whether is something craycray or just hanging with your friends.

The reason I love autumn sooo much is because of the memories you can make at the time arts and crafts baking anything. Here's a few fun things I wanna do this autumn

Things I wanna do this autumn

1.Have a photoshoot at the woods
As crazy as it sounds it seems like quite a good idea when autumns in full swing go to the nearest woods and just chill and take a load of photos these would great for insta or any other social media or even a memory to cherish in the future .

2.Learn to knit
okay this one is a bit odd but is actually quite a good idea you can find easy tutorials on YouTube. Plus is great for a present for someone plus it takes up a lot of spare time and helps you do something productive.

3.Get my eye makeup on point
During the fall eye make up is everything it makes you stand out and makes you unique plus there are a billion ways to get your make up on point. The internet is more useful than you actually think blogs, YouTube videos, social media websites everything can help.

4.Get serious with baking
I do do the odd cupcakes now and then but want to take it more seriously food is delicious cuisine that I love  and baking makes me happy so really want to take it seriously.

I hope you all have an amazing fall

grace out zzzzzzzzzz :)

Friday, 11 September 2015


Hi everyone! As most of you know it is back to school and most people have started school and are having to get back into that horrific routine again can I just say uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhh!

If you live in America you might have started school weeks ago but for me I only started this week and thank the Good lord I survived it. If someone asked me what I thought of school on a good day it would be very different from on a bad day. My favourite subject is lunch period-okay lunch isn't actually a subject but for me it is.In the comments tell me your fave subject? I think I'm gonna share all the highlights of school year on this blog so keep an eye out for that cause gossip in secondary school is hot!

I'm not even joking first week and things are already getting steamy that's all I'm saying.If your nosey and wanna hear about just tell me in the comments bellow and maybe I will include a few posts ;).

Okay my getting away off topic about what this post was even supposed to be about! The one thing I forgot tell you about was that I go to an all girls school yep no boys! For me that's a plus teenage boys are just ridic and considering our generation they just get worse and worse. Once I start you guys will never hear the end of this post.

Anyways the school is okay but its quite strict especially on grades the rules are let me just tell them to you

My school rules  

We have to have our skirts up to our knees or lower
We cant wear nail varnish on our nails
We can only wear gold or sliver studded earrings
No jewellery unless its for religious reasons
We have to wear a uniform and we cant shout in the lunch hall

As you can see school can seriously suck but if you make good friends its all good I mean everything is easier with a little bit of love right and searching up school life hacks on YouTube =P . Here are some of my tips that I've have learnt from my school experience..

My top tips for surviving
1.Talk to people interact socialize its hard but just join and be nice but subtle this helps you to become a approachable and people will want to talk to you.

2.Dont just go for the popular people because they are usually the most cattiest and not very nice group of friends you may regret joining them just go for people that are nice and you find yourself comfortable with.

3.Try not to be to worried if you don't get invited to all the parties cause one not everyone can invite everyone and the person having a party may not be someone you actually talk to that much.

4,If you get distant from good friends its okay to just not frequently hangout with them a simple hi in the corridors is fine.

5.If you have gum and don't wanna share just keep an old packet and when someone askes bring out the empty pack and say you have nothing left.

I hope those were helpful to some people who are struggling and if you are generous why not post a comment of your best life hacks

grace out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Welcome To Me Life

Hey People of the world! Wats up ? (sky) Don't worry you'll get used to my very dry sarcasm.

Any way getting to the point I have decided to start this blog you probably wont care why but I will tell you anyways.....

I was on my laptop just catching up with all the blogs it just made me feel really happy just reading through them and getting a peek into people life's. It was like being wrapped into a huge cosy blanket of warmness and comfort then I realised I want to make people feel like that so set up my own blog. YAY MEEEE!

I have sooo many things I want share with people even if its just 3 people or 1000 (like I'll get that many followers)but anyways I'm happy to start doing this and I have a million and one ideas buzzing in my head for what I should do. Please don't expect the best blog in the world I'm still learning as I go.

I'm gonna shoot some random facts so you can know me better

10 Random Facts About Me

1.Im obsessed with zoella she's just awesome!!!!!!!
2.Im teenager
3.Youtubers are my life there taking over the world
4.I wear braces and glasses(sorry to ruin that pretty image you had of me)
5.Im British
6.I have never owned a pet I know sad
7.Its been a year since I've had a dominos pizza #Thestruggleisreal
8.Im a crazy Disney fan
9.I fell down the stairs twice in one day but I was completely fine
10.Im female just incase you where unsure.

So that's the ten facts about me I cant wait to post regularly and talk about all the crazy stuff in my life.

That's me over and out zzzzzzzzzzzzzz