Saturday, 31 October 2015

Long Time No See

Hey people

I haven't blogged I a really loooooooooooooooooong time and I'm really sorry about that. School had settled and had taken over my life . I hardly had anytime to blog or it just wasn't feeling it. I was also having a writers block and didn't know what to write. Oh and that thing where nobody was actually reading my blog except me!Or I had nearly a million blog posts ideas in my head then I completely forgot about them.

So anyways those are thee excuses I hope you can find it in your heart and forgive me. I promise to upload a lot more at any time that I can.

I hope you all know that this blog is my escape to my horrible awful crazy upside down world. Well this an YouTube of course!

 I love being able to talk to you about life and all the things in between. It gives me hope and gets all the bad things of my chest. I feel so alone in the real world like no one understands or wants to listen to what I really have to or say. I feel like the deep side of me can never come out because she scares a lot of people in her world.

I don't want to elaborate to you guys and go all deep and that I just want to say thanks for listening to my stupid little rants on my small ass blog

love you lots

Grace Out

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