Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Trying to eat healthy

Hi guys wassup !

Just realised I had a handful of chores...... oh well this is better than unloading the dish washer!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the dentist and boy did I get told off! He said he could tell that I have been eating a whole load of sweets and that I need to be careful with what I'm eating.

I was like yikes dame, then I realised that I need to start eating healthy fruit and veggies not crisp and sweets.

Its come to my attention that eating healthy stops people from having loads of tummy troubles believe or not. So that's why I wanna to start eating healthy I really wanna better life style for myself and eating healthy saves a lot of my pocket money because I wont be spending it on sweets.

A lot of people that go successfully go healthy become really happy with themselves and that's what I want.I may not have a personal trainer but I know that I've got enough determination to do it. IF you have any tips on what to do when you want to start being healthy pls share in the comments that would be great!

I also want to share some tips on being healthy

1.Write down what you eat sometimes you can see the changes you need to make when your changing your eating style.

2.dont just get rid of all the food you enjoy instead of saying I'm never gonna eat chocolate again just say to yourself I'm going to have a square a day stop eating eat will just make you crave.

Quoted by Tanya burr don't skip sleep this makes you crave sugary and savoury food's which is not good for a healthy diet.

I hope this helped some of you who are trying to start being healthy also try the internet I say that in every post but there are millions of different tips there that are just waiting to be helpful

Wish me luck

grace out zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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