Sunday, 27 November 2016

How she attempted to deny her feelings

The blurb:
Boys and love are for old people. Why should I have any interest in a young relationship? I mean what's the point. Like what the hell would we do anyways; Send ugly snap chats to each others , face time till 2 am and share earphones on the bus? I already do that with Hannah. A thirteen year old having a boyfriend is silly.

Well that's what Electra thinks. But when new boy Cameron moves into her road Electra can't help but fall for him - hard. In retaliation to her new found crush Electra tries a million ways to get rid of her new feelings. But how can you get rid of feelings that you can't even figure out yourself?

The discovery

When I get into my room I fling my school bag across the floor before sinking into my fluffy bean bag chair. Finally the weekend ,this has probably been the longest school week of my life. I fish my phone out from my pocket and click on Instagram  and start scrolling through my feed. I get a few snap chat notifs but I'm ignore them. As I'm half way through my feed I get another notification.

Cameron sent you a snap chat.

For some weird reason. I get a tingle of excitement and eagerly click on it to see what he sent me. Did I mention my heart beat skipped a bit when I received the notification? When I open the snap I see a picture of Cameron eating a burger with the caption :Jealous and a smug emoji. I  can't help but feel my heart melt a bit as I  take a screenshot. As I think about what to reply I freeze.

Excitement. Hearted skipped a beat! Heart melt! No! No! Nooooooooooo! I drop my phone in despair and  internally groan. This is the 10th time this happened to me. Getting hyped when someone snap chats you is a definite sign of having a crush on someone!
I'm getting dramatic over nothing. If I had a crush on Cameron I would be reading romance novels and I would have a 'crushing on you' playlist and I'd be watching loads of crush type videos on YouTube ...

Shit shit shitty Shit

I have a crush. on Cameron.

My Mission: End It

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