Friday, 11 September 2015

Welcome To Me Life

Hey People of the world! Wats up ? (sky) Don't worry you'll get used to my very dry sarcasm.

Any way getting to the point I have decided to start this blog you probably wont care why but I will tell you anyways.....

I was on my laptop just catching up with all the blogs it just made me feel really happy just reading through them and getting a peek into people life's. It was like being wrapped into a huge cosy blanket of warmness and comfort then I realised I want to make people feel like that so set up my own blog. YAY MEEEE!

I have sooo many things I want share with people even if its just 3 people or 1000 (like I'll get that many followers)but anyways I'm happy to start doing this and I have a million and one ideas buzzing in my head for what I should do. Please don't expect the best blog in the world I'm still learning as I go.

I'm gonna shoot some random facts so you can know me better

10 Random Facts About Me

1.Im obsessed with zoella she's just awesome!!!!!!!
2.Im teenager
3.Youtubers are my life there taking over the world
4.I wear braces and glasses(sorry to ruin that pretty image you had of me)
5.Im British
6.I have never owned a pet I know sad
7.Its been a year since I've had a dominos pizza #Thestruggleisreal
8.Im a crazy Disney fan
9.I fell down the stairs twice in one day but I was completely fine
10.Im female just incase you where unsure.

So that's the ten facts about me I cant wait to post regularly and talk about all the crazy stuff in my life.

That's me over and out zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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